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Two Brothers, One Mountain and Crazy Good Coffee


Sandpoint Coffee Roasters Randy and Rick Evans

The Brothers: We are Rick and Randy Evans, founders of Evans Brothers Coffee,  and we have been close friends since childhood, from tee-ball days to serving as each others Best Man.  Only two years apart, we share an enthusiasm for sports, the outdoors, music, and great times with friends and family. It makes sense then that over several rides up our favorite ski lift, a 15 minute ride on Chair Six at Schweitzer Mountain Resort,  I was able to convince Randy to pursue his long time dream of starting his own coffee roasting business. Times were tough as the bad economic news settled over the country but we weren’t to be deterred. Carrying a business plan and a dream into several banks we were finally able to secure funding with the help or family and friends.  After that, we were both ‘All In’, and Evans Brothers Coffee was officially started in September 2009. We have taken this approach to our business from the beginning, pouring our heart and soul into making Evans Brothers the best that it can possibly be for our families, our community and beyond.

The Coffee: Our philosophy on coffee begins with an emphasis on sourcing exceptional raw beans.  We offer a balanced coffee menu with a full range of offerings, from the nutty, chocolaty Central and South American coffee, to the floral and fruity African coffee, along with more earthy, heavily bodied from Asia such as Sumatran coffee.  Our blends (including our popular Headwall Espresso) and certain single origins remain available year round, to provide consistency for wholesale customers. We get most excited about their very limited, farm specific, Roaster Reserve offerings.  These are the best of the best and are often only available for a couple months.

The Roast:  My Brother Randy is what is know as an Artisan Coffee Roaster.  As with the entire coffee chain from seed to cup, there are infinite combinations of variables that will affect the end result. For the roasting component alone, the possibilities for each coffee are endless.  However, the artisan roaster believes that each coffee has a “sweet spot.”  Variations in time, temperature, and airflow in the roaster all play an important part in discovering that sweet spot.  Perhaps even more importantly however is thorough cupping, constantly tasting and evaluating each roast, and making adjustments accordingly.  It is the commitment to these efforts that defines an artisan roaster.

As we become more acquainted to quality and freshness in our coffee, our palettes become more sensitive to the literally hundreds of nuances that are available in a coffee bean (there are over 800 flavor compounds found in coffee!).  The process of appreciating great coffees is a fun one, and we look forward to having you on board with us.